A Little History

How it all started

The original 1990′s group from which Beskydy evolved. Current members from the group are:

  • Peter Murphy, accordion
  • Britta Eickholt, viola
  • Gary Bridgewood, violin
  • Jacques van Rhijn, clarinet
  • Joanna Foster, vocals.

A Little History

Beskydy was inspired by the music brought to England in the 1950s by Hedda Klingerová. She founded the Beskydy Dancers, from which the band Beskydy formed and later developed independently, encouraged by Hedda’s successor, Hedy Fromings, who also taught the band some of her own favourite Czech and Slovak songs.

The original group of musicians went through a number of changes over time until finally settling on a six-member group in the late 1990s – all of whom still play together. The musician all have ‘day jobs’ and play for the enjoyment of it – although they can also provide a professional service for weddings and other functions.

Beskydy have played several concerts at The Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London Southbank.

Beskydy were a group of five for many years from the mid 1990s into the early 2000s.

It’s been a long and winding road, leading a wedding party from the wedding to the reception.

The band are now mostly located in north London.